Many businesses offer a free sample, a trial, a test drive, or a “free screen”. Many others have showrooms where you can try out their products.

And just like you might do in your businesses, I offer a “free screen”, a completely free 45 minute coaching consultation. Except it may not be exactly like the free consults you are familiar with for prospective patients, or a test drive to sell a car.

What do I mean?

While most people with a musculoskeletal problem can benefit from the ongoing services of a Physical Therapist, and while most people will enjoy a chocolate sample, or can use the car they are test driving, some of the people I talk with aren’t a fit for my ongoing services.

So, why should you spend your valuable time?

Because if your challenges are business challenges I can usually help and point you in the right direction.

During our conversation, we will discuss your business. I get to learn about you, your business, your strengths, your challenges, your obstacles and goals, your history, and about the processes you already have in place.

And then you get to learn a little about me. I work really hard to do 2 things by the end of our conversation.

1. Give you something of value, something you can use in your business to leverage your strengths, overcome an obstacle or challenge, improve a process, or break the patterns that are keeping you from achieving the goals you want to achieve.

2. Point you toward the best resources for you. Sometimes that is working with me. And there are times when it is not.

I have recommended people to EO Accelerator, the SBA, SCORE mentors, to read a book, to other coaches that are a better fit, to take specific courses and classes, join an accountability group… You get the point.

Why would I “waste my time” doing this?

Because it’s not a waste. I like helping business owners. It’s what I do.

I started this business because my Why is to help people succeed, and helping business owners improve their profit and cash flow while gaining better control of their time is a great way to do this.

So, if we have not ever talked one on one, take a look at my coaching services and book a time right here.

I look forward to talking with you soon.