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You have a business to run and grow, a Vision to realize, and a culture to develop and nurture. To do that you need the right people in the right seats!

And if you are reading this you likely have a couple folks on your team who are not exactly “A-Players”.

Hey, who doesn’t? But the trick to growing, scaling, or even sustaining your business is finding more A-Players (and also dealing with those who are not).

Top performers —

  • generate more $$
  • take less time to manage
  • make customers and clients happy
  • and contribute to your team and company culture.

We all know this.

But are you able to consistently define them, find them, communicate this clearly to key people on your team, and figure out who those A-Players are in an interview process?

And bad hires, ugh bad hires! Bad hires cost a ton of money (the US Department of Labor figures about 30% of their annual salary), tons of time, upset and irritate your customers and clients, and the makes the rest of your team dread coming in to work.

Sarcasm Alert — But that’s fine, right? They don’t cause you any additional stress for you, right? (Okay, that’s sarcasm…)

Bad hires are a major distraction and source of stress. And we often take too long to deal with them.

Are bad hires keeping you from your beach?

So, I made the video at the bottom of this page to help you.

It shows you how to define and communicate who A-Players are to the rest of your team. It is really simple, just not intuitively easy.

You will have a process to clearly define “A-Player”, as well as B and C-Players.

And you will learn about the confusing and controversial “B-CV-Player”.

And while you know instinctively who your A-Players  currently are, how do you clearly define them for your team? And how do you identify them before you hire them?

Check out this video to find out.

And, please, let me know what you think.

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