Focus Forward Starter Membership

Increase your income while gaining more free time!

Sound too good to be true? And for free?

Join our Focus Forward Starter Membership for business owners.

It’s like a virtual gym membership for your business.

Our Focus Forward Starter Membership gives you ongoing access to business insights, and access to our Focus Forward Business Starter Group on Facebook where you can access additional content and connect with other business owners overcoming the same challenges you encounter in your business.

We also hold a monthly group call to pose questions, address challenges, and share your experiences with other business owners.

Many business owners start their businesses without any real, formal business training. Our goal is to help you learn about business, leadership, managing employees, and creating processes that free up your time.

You’re not risking anything by joining. And we don’t go in for heavy pitches and promotions to the members. If you find value, you’ll tell other people. We get to grow our list and reach. You get good stuff for your business.

And did we mention that it’s free?!?

No tricks. No gimmicks.
We’re big fans of transparency.

If you’re skeptical, that’s okay. Ask questions, contact Sturdy. Ask why in the world he would do this. He’ll explain.

What are you waiting for?
Join now!



P.S. Ready to go straight for an upgrade? Check out our Focus Forward Business Membership to take your business to the next level.

Focus Forward Starter Membership


It’s free…

Join Now!

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13 thoughts on “Focus Forward Starter Membership”

  1. Thanks for the re-invite., as I mentioned before, we’ve been busy with the revised website and are now ready for the next steps to better success.

  2. Hey Sturdy thanks for sharing your expertise with me when I know you could have gone shopping on Black Friday! Looking forward to learning!

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