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Individual Business Coaching

We believe coaching is a partnership and a long term relationship that goes beyond teaching to engaged caring and personal, as well as business, growth.

We offer a 30 minute Starter Session to see if individual business coaching might be the right fit for you and your business. If we, together, decide that we might want to work together, and that you will get great value from the relationship, we then will book a 90 minute Vision Session with pre-work. At the end of the Vision Session we will decide, together, whether there is value for you in a long term business coaching relationship.

And we have options. 1 on 1 business coaching can be fully customized and tailored to you and your business. Or we can follow a proven process using the platform. Please visit to learn more about  where Sturdy is a Certified Coaching Partner.

A little more about individual coaching. When we mention a long term relationship, we generally mean that it often takes around 14-18 months to help you achieve your business and personal goals. You and your business are the center of this partnership, and we will focus on the changes and transformations that need to occur so that you may succeed. The time required will depend on your personal investment and effort, and the goals you are trying to achieve. And it doesn’t end there. We want to continue to be a resource and provide assistance to help you stay on track as you pursue your longer term goals in the years to come.

When considering a coach, just like any relationship, it is important that you “match”. Your coach should help, guide, challenge, and even confront you (in a constructive manner) in order to assist you to build on what you have already accomplished. Breakthroughs are often necessary to move to a new level, and sometimes those take time.

Make sure to ask questions of any prospective coach, about their content, experience, and style to determine the best fit for you.

Virtual Mentorship

We have launched a “Virtual Mentorship”, the Focus Forward Membership program.
We’re focused on running your operations, gaining control of your time, and focusing you on the important business priorities that will help you achieve your goals.

Gain access to exclusive content, discounts in our store, and to our private Facebook group where you can exchange ideas with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

We also hold a monthly group call to answer questions, address challenges, make connections, and guide you to resources that effective, efficient and directly relate to your goals.

We’ll be having exclusive guest speakers join us to share their business operations knowledge and insights with the group.

And there will be monthly themes that you can take, adapt, and implement in your business.

Join us!

A La Carte Tools & Consulting

We are creating online courses for you to complete at your own pace.

We also have developed tools and additional content to help your business. Check out our Resources Page for tools, downloads, links to podcasts & blogs, or shop online here for tools to help you manage and grow your business, and to improve employee engagement and delight your customers.

And more is coming. Check back with us, or follow our Facebook Page for updates.

From the description above, you can see that coaching goes beyond teaching, beyond the mundane, and into personal and business development. A coach believes in your potential and in the idea that you already possess much of the knowledge required to achieve the changes and transformation necessary to move yourself and your business to the next level. It is that discovery process, of what is already known and not fully realized, that is a key differentiator between engaging a coach and taking a class.

“Sturdy has a very strong sense of how to improve a PT business. He can quickly hone in on where a business can see improvements and has a keen sense of what a clinic’s pitfalls and barriers are to achieving its goals. He is a connector and has helped me and business tremendously by referring my skills and talents out to people in his network.” – Alice Holland, Stride Strong Physical Therapy, Portland, OR

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Is your business growing?

How are you handling that?

If you’re experiencing growing pains, especially some you don’t understand, give me a call.

Are you experiencing ups & downs, and cash flow challenges?

Your business is unique, different, and special.
But your business is also very predictable.
People have been through these growing pains, challenges, and obstacles before.

Prioritization, cash flow, hiring, lead generation & conversion, and much, much more, are predictable.
There are tools that can help you.
There are ways to address this and regain your time, your cash, and your sanity.

In short, you need to build your runway before you launch your plane.

Give me a call to discuss your runway, and where you want to fly. The destination is important too!

I’m here to help. I started this coaching business to help business owners succeed. It’s why I’m here.

If you’re experiencing any of this, if you think you might need help, give me a call.

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