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make more profit and sustain it — The 2 Things

For the Love of Money ($$$$) – the O’Jays

We focus on (1) how even small changes can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line, and (2) how to create and implement processes to implement those changes effectively.

We use the basic premise from Gazelle’s “Power of One”, and go way beyond it, to identify and customize the most powerful and impactful solution(s) for your business(es) to improve your bottom line, sometimes even doubling or tripling it.

Then we move on to the biggest lesson I have learned in working with hundreds of business owners to ensure great, consistent, and predictable results. You will have the beginnings of the process you need to ensure you sustain, and your people consistently deliver, those results, namely increasing your profit and cash.

And, as a special bonus, we wind down with a cautionary tale about avoiding the “1 Big Mistake” I have seen owners and managers make that blows up the stability and profitability that they have achieved, the “1 Big Mistake” that can lead to business disaster.

Duration: 60-75 minutes (depending on group size) —  * 90-120 with exercises and workbook

How to Recruit & Hire A-Players

Bad hires cost us so much in time, money, morale, and to our brands.And we have all made bad hires, sometimes by compromising, but more often by not having a robust process to find and truly vet “A-Players”.

According to TopGrading, most companies hire A-Players only 25% of the time.

Following a proven methodology, companies can achieve successful hiring of A-Players up to 90% of the time.

In this presentation we help you understand and adapt the methods used by General Electric and other successful hiring organizations to your smaller business.

As small business owners and entrepreneurs we do not have the resource that a GE has. But there are methods and processes you can put in place that will improve your hiring of great people much more often and consistently than 25%, or even 50%, of the time.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • how to define and identify A-Players (and B & C-Players)
  • how to improve the quality of applicants while reducing the volume of candidates to review
  • how to efficiently screen candidates in <15 minutes
  • how to get more of the answers you want beyond their prepared resume
  • how to organize and hold an efficient interview to find resourceful people with character who align with your values
  • how to assess your candidates’ skills in a tangible way
  • how to do reference checks that actually get you answers
  • how to induct new hires and have them feel welcomed in your organization

Duration: 60 to 75 minutes  (depending on group size) —  * 120 with exercises and workbook

Creating a Vision of Meaning

Company Visions have evolved from a “Vision Statement” to a meaningful picture of why an organization exists, where it is going, and how all actors are expected to behave in bringing the Vision about.

In this presentation we delve into what constitutes a Vision in today’s business environment, and how to define yours in order to inspire people to join together for a purpose, around shared values and an ambitious goal. We explore why people volunteer and spend their time, efforts, energy, and money to advance a cause, and why they don’t work for money alone.

A Vision of Meaning is a touch stone, a North Star, that can provide your organization a direction, a code, and a purpose to rally people together and pursue your Big Hairy Audacious Goal or BHAG*.

Duration: 60 to 75 minutes   —  * 120-150 with exercises and workbook

Metrics that Matter and Motivate

Best practices based on research and real-world coaching and consulting

This presentation was co-developed by Stephen Lynch, CEO at Results.com and is based largely on the experiences and systems created by Results.com and described in Stephen’s book Business Execution for RESULTS: A practical guide for leaders of small to mid-sized firms, as well as my experiences implementing and using these systems in a real-world environment over the past 9+ years.

In this presentation we focus on how to select the right metrics that lead to your organization’s success and align with your ultimate goals and BHAG*. We then move in to how to get engagement, buy-in, and results from every member of your team, empowering them to succeed. We make metrics relevant and turn them into useful tools for owners and managers to foster and support great performance among team members, ultimately leading to faster growth, happier employees, and greater profits.

Why is this important?
Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are often seen as a “necessary evil” due to poor implementation and translation of KPIs into everyday management. Often the wrong metrics are selected, metrics that do not build toward and feed the organization’s strategic objectives and Vision. And because of this business owners stop tracking, managers dread addressing them, all get frustrated with the lack of results, and employees become less engaged.

Duration: 75 to 90 minutes   —  * 120 with exercises and workbook


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* Big Hairy Audacious Goal and BHAG are a concept developed in the book Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.