Whether you are managing people for the first time, or have decades of experience, this simple technique can get better results from your team members, while empowering them to take more initiative and responsibility in their roles.

Instead of talking to your direct reports during your 1 on 1 weekly meetings, start asking questions. And then listen.

Really listen. Try to understand, to see the pictures in their head.

Don’t listen to respond or solve. Listen to understand and then guide.

And the best way to guide is often by asking the right questions.

Ask the right questions. Not just any question.

I call these the “3 Magic Questions” because of the power they unleash in your team members. Whether they are coming to you with a problem, you are tracking a project’s progress, or reviewing KPIs, these 3 Magic Questions can yield amazing results.

  1. What happened? (What’s happening?)
  2. What will you do in the next week to… correct, achieve, resolve, make progress on… the issue at hand?
  3. What resources or help do you need from me to make this happen?

Sound too simple?

It is! Simple. Not too simple.

Because it’s not easy. Try it out and see.

It takes practice.

But it yields outstanding results and helps get your team members to start overcoming their own challenges, solving their own performance issues, and figuring out new ways to approach problems facing your company.

If you need a little extra motivation, or are just not sure how these will work in an actual meeting, check out these free role playing videos at Results.com.

Give it a go and then let me know how they worked for you over in our Facebook Group.


And if you are not having 1 on 1 weekly meetings with each of your direct reports, give me a call. We need to talk.

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